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Mission, Vision and Philosophy

The Mission
Commitment to social responsibility for
environment and energy through providing
innovative solutions to customers and continuous
R&D on high value-added turbo machineries
with 21st Century cutting-edge technologies

The Vision
The Ultimate Turbo Machinery born form aerospace technology

Always, Neuros competes against itself for reaching a new milestone in high technology.
The Philosophy

Customer First Spirit
Technological advances and quality for the best customer satisfaction is committed to providing the best technology to our customers of any conditions.

Continuous Research & Development
The research and stable investment will be continued to enhance national competitiveness of aviation technology and new product development of industrial turbo machinery field.

Creative Company Culture
Only changes of awareness can make creative ideas, we share and practice the ones for a new world.

The driving force
Including the CEO, the best experts of aerospace technology in the world.
Employees Office Research Production Total
Ratio 30% 30% 40% 100%

Realization of the optimal design, maximizing the efficiency and best performance of the product with the synergy from development of technology.

Technology of Neuros
1) High Efficiency Centrifugal / Axial Flow Compressor
2) High Performance Centripetal / Axial Flow Turbine Design
3) 100% Oil-free Normal/High Temperature Air Bearings
4) High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Design
5) High Speed / 100% Oil-free Flexible Coupling
6) High-precision Flux Measurement (Venturi / Orifice)
7) Low Pollution Disel / Natural Gas Combustor
8) Air Compresstion-Type Turbo Refrigeration (Heat Pump / Extremely Low Temperature Refrigeration)
9) Precision Electronic Control (Flux Control / Velocity Control)
10) Inertial Separation of Minute Particles
11) Gas Ejector (Jet Pump)

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