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CEO Greetings

Turbo blower NX / Turbo Compressor
NC series have a reputation for
the highest performance in the world.

2000,Neuros is established on a mission to contribute to the future environment and energy through the expansion of aerospace turbo engine technology only in Korea, starting with high efficiency and eco-friendly turbo blower / turbo compressor, Neuros realized the commercialization of aerospace turbo machinery and fuel cell vehicles blower developed by proprietary aerospace turbo engine technologies. To complete the prototype, as well as quality control and production management, process up to sales through the marketing has been very difficult. Currently, Neuros has been given a dignified name of as a premium brand in a worldwide market.

Endless enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology, it is the attitude of the company aiming the best.

Under the slogan of “Master beyond compare”, Neuros has developed the incomparable products for customer satisfaction. Including CEO, professional researchers in each field achieve breakthrough in aerospace technology under the guide of investment, manpower, sustainability. The foundation of the high technology is the infinite aspirations, and the self-esteem as the best is the will to transcend Neuros’ frontiers.

We dream of the state-of-the-art technology for energy and natural, and human.

2012 was meaningful year to Neuros, has been listed in KOSDAQ, received the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit at the 2012 Korea Technology Awards, and selected Artemis Project Top 50 for a second year in a row. All the results are a big honor to Neuros, but, it is time to change for next step. Sharing the determination of change is the first step to put into force. Neuros strive constantly for technology for the comfort and well-being of universal humanity.

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