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Water Treatment

Neuros will lead water treatment which is
for human beings with advanced technology of Neuros..

Water treatment technology for reuse by treating the water used has been attracting attention as the most effective way to overcome the shortages worldwide. Neuros set a new organization of professional water treatment specialist, has launched a new water treatment business.

Including the development method of water treatment engineering, and Neuros has developed dehydrator and pump. Technological capabilities of Neuros guarantees the best solution to processing large amounts of water with environmental-friendly.


• Waste water treatment plant
• Drainage or transfortation of sewage, watewater,


• Impeller material : chrome, cast iron, sus
• Designation to minimize blockage by foreign substance


• Developed head : 17 m
• Discharge Flow : 1.4 m3/min
• Rotational Speed : below 1,800 rpm
• Motor Power : 11 kW

Method of water treatment engineering
Business Promotion by development of water treatment engineering method and acquisition of specialized company

Business Overview

1. Sludge treatment and sludge reduction is bulky and liquid, it is not possible to dispose. Dehydration equipment makes it easy to carry-out the disposal and transportation through being dehydrating moisture content of 80% less of sludge like a cake.

2. Water and waste water treatment
Water used in each home is purified for re-use.
• Grit Chamber : Removing solid matter of waste water from pump station
• Pump Station : conveying water passed grit chamber to the next process
• Primary Settling Basin : Separating the material sink and substance floating on top
• Aeration Tank : Digesting waste water by providing air to aerobic microorganism
• Final Settling Basin : Sinking organic matter and discharging treated water into a river

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