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Aerospace turbo machinery

Neuros will expand the global market
for Aerospace Defense Industry.

Neuros has continued the research and investment for domestic base expansion of aerospace technology, as a result, succeeded in commercialization of aerospace turbo machinery by their own technology.

Starting from the aviation defense industry, 2012, Neuros is developing in earnest in the business of aviation turbo machinery for dual-use. Aerospace turbo machinery completed by self-developed air bearing, compression and gas turbine engine technology, will gradually be exported and be substitution of import for domestic demands.
ACM(Air Cycle Machine) for avionics cooling

 Features

• High efficient centrifugal compressor
• High efficient radial turbine
• Compliant air bearing(Self-designed and patented)
• Compact size, light weight(Small aircraft)
• Energy source : ram air or gas turbine engine bleed air

Cryogenic blower
This product is a core component of closed-circuit thermal control system, which is used to verify the performance of a satellite component, and it can circulate both high and low temperature fluid

 Features

• Centrifugal compressor
• Single stage
• High speed PMSM, Speed control by VFD
• Water cooled insulating device
• Seal applied to prevent fluid leak
• Possible to apply working fluids in various ways (Argon, helium, oxygen, etc), to expand its uses for metal, medical treatment, and solar battery.

Gas Turbine Engine for UAV
Small shaft / Turbojet engines is propulsion of high performance has used to unmanned aerial systems of various forms from military to civilian industry.

 Features

• High Power Density : 4.3 shp/kg weight
• Wide Operating Range : Sea level ~ 15,000 ft
• Digital Electronic Engine Control
• Life : 1,000 h

 Features

• High Thrust-to-Weight Ratio: 6.0 lbf/kg weight
• Wide Operating Range : Sea level ~ 35,000 ft
• Digital Electronic Engine Control
• Life : 1,000 h


Fighter F16

ECS production for POD
F5, T50 in development for ACM

Armed helicopter

Participated in development of ECS and secondary power unit

Korean fighter experimental(KFX) Project

Participated in development of ECS and secondary power unit

Unmanned aerial vehicle

Development of engines for UAV

Environmental Control System(ECS) & Air Cycle Machine(ACM)
Coordination, pressure, and temperature control of avionics
Localization items

Secondary Power System(SPS)
Main engine start and ground power supply

Engines for UAV
Localization of engines for UAV

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