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Core technology

Impeller is an key component producing compressed air while rotating at high speed, which is designed with than 10years development experience of axial/centrifugal compressor in the field of aircraft to maximize the overall efficiency of the machine.


Al Alloy, SUS(option), Titanium(option)

Impeller Static Pressure Distribution of Impeller Vibration Analysis

Production Method

Most suitable material, forged Aluminum Alloy, is used for the high-speed turbo machinery to manufacture the impeller, which is machined with a 5-axis CNC machine. Regardless of sizes, the level of execution is very accurate due to the low tolerance of 1/1000mm. It enables to design high efficiency impeller. And a hard anodizing coating on the impeller and casing improves corrosion resistance and durability.

Specific Speed
and Efficiency

Specific Speed is the criterion to determine RPM for highest efficiency at the pressure and air flow required when designing impeller. Neuros applied optimal specific speed based on the experience accumulated during the development of aerospace technology resulting in maximizing the performance of the impeller.
• High RPM: Increasing in generation of heat and short lived motor and inverter
• Low RPM: Increasing in size and the costs

Air Bearing
Air bearing is a non-contact compliant bearing, where Air film is generated automatically by the hydrodynamic interaction between viscous fluid and foil structure in a rotating sleeve or disk. They are categorized into bump type and leaf type based on the foil configuration


Hydrodynamic Pressure Generation
As the rotor speeds up, a thin film of air creates a cushion between the shaft and the bearing surface.

Bump Type Leaf Type

Top Foil + Bump Foil

Multi-Pad Bearing


• Bump type two journal bearings + two thrust bearings
• Journal Bearing : Rotor Weight, Unbalance Load, Instability → Workability
• Thrust Bearing : Thrust Load, Tip Clearance Control, Power Loss → Performance
Thrust Bearing Journal Bearing


Neuros air bearing is a proven state-of-the-art technology that is already applied to the aviation engine for ACM / ECS, reliability has been verified. Non-contact air bearing achieves 100% Oil-Free operation by removing the lubricating system unlike the conventional blower, and air bearing has high durability and convenience of maintenance because the structure is very simple. In addition, it is environmentally friendly technologies of realizing very low vibration of less than 1/5 comparing to a conventional blower without the special foundations and noise levels below 85 dB(A).

Comparison with
other bearings

Bearing Rolling Element Bearing Air Bearing Fluid Film Bearing


• Small
• Low Loss
• High Load
• High Speed
• Simple Structure
• 100% Oil-Free
• Low Loss
• Long Life
• Low Vibration
• Hydrodynamic
Disadvantages • Noisy
• Short Life
• Limited DN
• Low Load
• Coating
• Small Rotor
• Complex
• High Loss
• Limited DN
Applications • Aero Engine
• Small Machine
• Small Machine
• Industrial Machine

Self-developed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(PMSM) is proper solution for high speed operation, which has a high efficiency and power factor of more than 95% as well as low current loss. Also, Neuros realizes weight lightening and negligible mechanical loss during operation thanks to the rotor of motor and impeller being directly coupled, that enhance performance


• Power : 30 ~ 300 hp
• Rotor Speed : 10,000 ~ 100,000 rpm
• Efficiency : 95% ~
• Power Factor : 90 ~ 95
• No of Poles2
• Insulation Class : H Class
• Cooling : Air Cooling
• Operation : Continuous Operation

Developed Motor

Rotor Assembly Motor Stator

Electronic Control

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